Hi everyone! Welcome to my creative outlet Brunette Anthem. I am very excited to get the opportunity to share a little bit of my journey and what Brunette Anthem means to me…

I am a young, single girl living in Minneapolis, MN and within the past few years, I have utilized multiple blogs to help me cultivate creative looks, healthy living habits, and keep active. I love finding apparel inspiration through color, print, and interior design, as well as people watching during my many activities, and enjoy pairing together a fun, trendy look as a reflection of my personality.  Health is also important to me which you will see through any of my health conscious decisions such as colorful meals and high intensity workouts.

Brunette Anthem is designed to do what other blogs have done for me, inspire and motivate. The chronicles I post make up my personal fashion, health and active lifestyle journal, used to express myself. I hope that you can find Brunette Anthem as inspirational as I have found other blogs, aiding to help cultivate your creativity one outfit, dish, or event at a time.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!



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