Father’s Day Gift Ideas


As cliche as it sounds, growing up I was always a daddy’s girl.  I would try to impress him with my grades and athletics, and leaned on him when I needed help learning how to drive or applying to college.  He was always there for his three girls and being the youngest, I wanted to outshine my sisters while fighting for his affection.  Lets just say, we had a very close bond and I think I was his favorite 😉

Although times have changed where now I am asking for help with buying a car, doing my taxes or looking for a place to live, I still try to show my affection for him from a far and when Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas come around, I think of myself as a pretty good gift giver.

Men are generally harder to shop for than women.  They tend to not want as many small, materialist items such as clothes, jewelry, handbags, etc.  Instead, they usually only have 1-2 things they really want or have been saving for (instead of charging it on their credit cards for instant gratification like me) and they aren’t very fun or glamorous for you to buy for them.

So instead, you have to rack your brain of previous conversations…where he may have struggled to pull together an outfit when you were in town last because he didn’t have the right style of loafers.  Or if he has an upcoming trip that he continues to talk about and is getting excited for, what activity can you plan for him or what item can you buy for him to help get him prepared and even more excited?  It takes a lot of work!

Well to help with the fast approaching holiday that is Father’s Day (June 21st), I thought I would pull together some fun gift ideas to assist you in finding the perfect gift for your papa!  Good luck and enjoy!

Trunk Club


Does your dad need help stepping up his wardrobe game?  Trunk club is just the thing for him then!  This service offers a stylist who will pull together great designer pieces and ship a trunk full to him.  Upon arrival, he will have 10 days to try on and ship back whatever he doesn’t like.  Easy as that!


Goggle Chromecast



Tech savy dad?  No problem.  The Google Chromecast allows the happy owner the ability to stream content onto an HDTV including: Pandora, Netflix, ESPN, etc.  Gone are the days where he has to stay in bed and watch things from his tablet, phone or computer.


Owl’s Brew


What dad doesn’t like a good drink from time to time?  Owl’s Brew is the first-ever tea crafted for cocktails.  No matter what adult beverage he leans towards, they have an option for him.  Here are a couple recipes to help you get started!

The Rye: http://www.theowlsbrew.com/recipes/index/details/id/42/

The Naked Brew: http://www.theowlsbrew.com/recipes/index/details/id/4/

Owl’s Pina: http://www.theowlsbrew.com/recipes/index/details/id/16/

Tini Owl: http://www.theowlsbrew.com/recipes/index/details/id/10/


Meat – Everything You Need To Know



Your dad may think he knows his way around a grill, but this book will teach him a thing or two.  Written by one of America’s top butchers, this goldmine will help teach the old man new tricks around meat preparation and is loaded with delicious recipes you will be happy to help enjoy!

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