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I have never been one to have soft, smooth skin and have always idolized my friends who do.  Some say its because I eat gluten, some say it is because I have hypothyroidism and it is a side effect.  Who knows!  But any time a boy or friend touches one of my arms, all I can think about is my dry skin and how it makes me feel insecure.

Keratosis pilaris is very common and is what I have diagnosed my skin condition as.  It causes small, rough, tan/red little bumps to appear around hair follicles on my upper arms.  (As a child I had them on my upper thighs as well, but thankfully those have since gone away).  These Keratosis pilaris bumps create the appearance of what I call chicken skin and is seen in many individuals with dry skin conditions.

Seeking out treatments for this minor but common condition you would think would be easy.  However, every dermatologist that I have ever seen has only ever been able to suggest changing my diet, or buying a lotion that can be found at mass retailers.  None of which have worked.  So when I came across Body Blendz on Instagram I decided to give it a try.

Body Blendz is a company that offers skin scrubs made from all natural, 100% pure active ingredients.  They currently offer four scrubs: Coffee Scrub, Sugar Daddy, Coconut Delight and Oats Oats.  These AMAZING scrubs are used to target cellulite and stretch marks, help clear skin conditions and exfoliate, hydrate and firm skin.

Coffee Scrub: Helps fight against cellulite and stretch marks.  It also helps treat acne, reduce redness and improve the skin’s tone/texture.



Sugar Daddy: Highly moisturizing, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines.  It also aids in treating ingrown hairs and Keratosis Polaris.



Coconut Delight: Hydrates your skin and targets cellulite, stretch marks, acne and eczema.



Oats Oats: Relieves itchiness, rashes and dry dead skin.  It can also aid in smoothing out stretch marks.



I personally purchased the Coffee Scrub in the hopes that it would help me not only exfoliate my Keratosis pilaris, but would also help me work through some of my upper thigh cellulite.

So far, I couldn’t be happier!  The $19.95 product has helped me smooth out my skin giving it a softer, smoother feel, while also stimulating blood-flow and circulation through the use of the natural caffeine.  It is my hope that I start seeing improvement to my cellulite, but I have only used it 3 times thus far, so I’m trying to be patient and will keep you updated.  😉



One thing to note, since the product does have caffeine in it, you most likely will get rosy in color and potentially feel a bit of tingling.  If you are using the scrub for the first time, I would suggest trying it out on a small part of your skin before using it across your entire body.  This will help ensure you understand how your skin reacts to the all-natural ingredients and you don’t have any surprises.

Overall, I am happy I gave Body Blendz a try and know you will too! To get your first trial started, head over to the Body Blendz website and select which scrub you want to give a try.  You can’t go wrong and won’t be disappointed!  You can sign up for email alerts and get a 10% off offer code, while also receiving free shipping on ALL Body Blendz products, no minimum necessary.

Since it will be making it’s way all the way from Australia, you can expect to receive the merchandise after ~12 business days, or 2.5 weeks.  The scrubs have a shelf life of 1-3 months, but once you open it, the all-natural ingredients are only 100% guaranteed for 30 days.  So if you like it after your first couple of tries, be sure to put another order in ASAP because you won’t want to wait!  As a reminder, shipping is ALWAYS free, so you don’t have to worry about buying in bulk and stocking up since they have a short shelf life!

I can’t wait for you to give it a try and look forward to hearing from you on all of your success with fighting lumps and bumps!  Enjoy!!



  1. Hi! Thank you for your post! It has been very useful because I decided to buy the Coffee scrub after reading it! 😀 And I’m very happy too. My only concern is what to do during the 10 minutes that we have to wait before rinsing. Since it has to be applied on wet skin, you cannot go anywhere out from the shower. So, are we supposed to stand there and wait for 10 minutes? I find it boring! 🙁 Any ideas? 🙂

    • Hi Natalia – Great question! I usually just put a towel down in my bathroom so I can get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, brush my teeth, sometimes wash my face depending on whether I have used the scrub on my face or not. Things like that. You do chance your bathroom getting a bit dirty, but I have to stay busy, or like you, I will be bored.

  2. Hi! I was wondering if I should use my facial cleanser on days which I do not use the scrub? Would it affect the results?

    • Hi Mae – As long as your facial cleanser doesn’t have exfoliating beads you should be fine. I haven’t personally seen any impact from using my cleansing wipes on my off days. If for any reason you are nervous about your specific type of cleanser, you can always test it on a small portion of your face and see the results after 30 minutes or so before applying to your entire face. Just a thought!

      • I have started using it for two weeks now. I’m hoping for a good result. How would you recommend it to be used? 2-3 consecutive days or 2-3 alternate days?

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