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Another great collaboration is coming to Target today!  I’m hoping you have your alarms set and your shopping list ready because I have a feeling this one is going to go quick!

Remember Missoni?  My guess is that Lilly is going to be similar to the chaos of Missoni, with people trying to purchase as much as their carts can hold.  Luckily, Target has put a cap on how many items you can purchase online.  Fingers crossed and wallets ready, heres to hoping you have good luck in the Sunday madness!


Here are a couple of tips to get ready for the madness…

1) Plan ahead – Try to check out the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook before Sunday and get your shopping list outlined.  You will want to understand what you NEED vs. what you WANT, so that you can prioritize.

2) Think Brick and Mortar – Sure, Target has done a lot of work to their site over the past few years after the Missoni crash, etc. etc. but I personally would put my bet on inventory buys in stores being more readily available then online.

3) Set your alarm – If you do decide to shop online.  Set your alarm because it is going to go fast!  The site goes live at 3am so you will want to be up and ready with your list in hand by 2:50am

4) Go with a friend – You can cover more ground and share shopping lists, so you ensure you get everything you want.  If you are looking for any of the Home items, you will have to go back into the Lawn and Patio area, while all of the apparel is generally together including shoes, bags and scarfs.


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