Spring Allergy Solutions

Spring Allergy Solutions


Its that time of the year again!  The sun is finally starting to show its face.  Birds are beginning to chirp in the early morning hours and wake you up from your lazy slumber.  You are beginning to peel away layers and welcoming the warmer weather!

Well for 40 million people around the world, myself included, with this change of season comes allergies.  I personally have very bad tree pollen allergies that cause my sinuses to act up and my eyes to ITCH LIKE CRAZY!  So as much as I love to see warmer weather ahead, I do not look forward to what that means for the next month or two.

To help fight these allergies and their symptoms, I of course take the usual allergy pill and have eye drops that I take daily.  These help fight off the majority of my outdoor allergies, but this year I decided to try something new in addition to my over the counter remedies…. SMOOTHIES!!

I was reading a few articles the other day and came across this amazing post that helped me learn the following…  Over winter we apparently “accumulate toxins, extra fat cells (totally agree with this) and mucus in our systems.”  This mucus buildup is the actual culprit to why we have such severe allergy symptoms in the spring, than any other time of the year.   The mucus we’ve been holding on to actually acts as a pollen trap and flares up allergy symptoms.

Nature can help fight back though!  “The foods that are seasonally available in springtime can actually help us to break up winter’s stagnation… [And] certain foods can actually help ameliorate springtime allergy symptoms.”

Amazing to hear right?!  I thought so too.  Here are a few of my favorite smoothie recipes that I have found to help fight off some of my springtime irritations.  Give it a try and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy these natural remedies!


1) Lime-Berry Smoothie

½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries
⅓ cup lime juice
1 cup water
1 tsp agave or maple syrup
½ cup ice

(I added a few strawberries and blueberries for taste)!


2) Green Goat Milk and Berries

1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup goat’s milk
1 cup spinach
1 tbsp flax seed
1 tsp pumpkin seed

(I added sunflower seeds instead of pumpkin seeds based on what I had in my cupboard at that time).


3) Sprouted Green Smoothie

1 cup wheatgrass
1 cup alfalfa
1 cup kale
½ cucumber
1 stalk celery
1 carrot
1 green apple
1 cup grapefruit juice or 1 cup water
A pinch of cayenne

(I added a quarter of lime for taste)




Recipes and more found on here

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