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In need of a little clothing inspiration?  I know I do.  With work being CRAY over the last few weeks, I’m talking some 14 hour days, all I want to do every morning is throw on a lose sweater and a pair of leggings.  Thankfully Target HQ allows its employees to dress casually, so instead of leggings I toss on a pair of stretchy jeans and call it a day.  Not impressive at all, right?

I know we all fall into these lazy periods of our lives when one thing starts to take up most of your conscious waking hours and the remaining activities or hobbies fall to the waste side.  Well its time to stop the madness!!  I need to get out of this funk and get back to what I love like pairing cute outfits together and overspending my budget!

To do this, I have picked a few outfits from some of my favorite bloggers to help inspire me (and you) to be able to pair the old with the new.  (Hopefully more old than new because this is going to be an expensive year).

When looking through these beautiful outfits, remind yourself that just because Happily Grey has on a beautiful sweater or chambray or leather coat etc. etc. etc. you don’t necessarily NEED to have that exact same article of clothing.  Try to get a feel for the overall pairing and get creative!  Whether the outfit is a Canadian tuxedo of denim, or a rough texture played on a warm color, you can try to replicate this look with already existing articles of clothing from your very own closet.  For instance, instead of a chambray, try throwing on a blouse.  You will still get a collared, button up look, but can spice it up with color or a different fabric.

Okay, enough of me rambling on…lets get to the goods.  Here are some of my favorite inspirational looks of the week.  Enjoy!




Things I love: Jeans / Watch / Jacket / Boots




Things I love: Hat / Shoes / Shirt / Sunglasses




Things I love: Bag / Shoes / Jeans




Things I love: Sweater / Sunglasses





Things I love: Shoes / Chambray / Quilted Coat / Jeans

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