New Year, New You

New Year, New You


It’s that time again!  You know…where you set a New Year’s Resolution.  Hopefully you aren’t like me where you set a resolution but then fall back into your old routine after only a couple of months.

Well not this time!  Caroline is here to help give you and I a few workouts to do at home that are SO EASY we won’t have any excuses to not stay on track.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Stay On Track & Sweat It Out This Holiday Season [WORKOUT] 

Caroline is the face behind The Trendy Trainer, a wellness blog based in Boston, Massachusetts! When she’s not writing for TTT she is a health and fitness writer for the local online media publication, BostInno as well as teaches fitness classes and is a personal trainer. 

Let’s face it. The holiday season is tough. Between the stresses of work deadlines and plethora of parties, to lack of time to exercise and high calories nutritional choices — it seems virtually impossible to be healthy.

Well, reality check, you can.

Simple at-home exercises can be all you need to stay in tip-top shape this holiday season. Combined with making smart choices nutritionally, you wont feel the need to detox on kale and celery come January 1.  Trust me.

Follow this quick at-home program for a holiday sweat that aims to please.

Complete each exercise with the designated number of repetitions for 3 – 5 sets. At the end of each round (or set) perform the high-intensity interval (squat tucks) for 90 seconds.

This high intensity burst should be done at your max effort. Take a quick break (30-60 seconds) after the tucks and repeat circuit 2-4 more times depending on your level of ability.

Good luck!



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