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With beautiful temperatures this past Friday, it reminded me of how thankful I was for the perfect fall we had this year in Minneapolis.  Long weeks with crisp days made it fun to start to play with my fall attire that typically doesn’t get to see more than a few weeks of wear in this great state of Minnesota.

Thinking back a month or two, I wanted to share with you some layering I did with my go to color this year, black.  I’ve been wearing black non-stop.  It never gets old.  My way of making black fun though is by adding different textures.

With this outfit you will see leather, fur, cotton…the list goes on.  What I’ve decided to do with this outfit is partner my leather coat with a fur vest underneath.  It gives the rough edginess a bit of a softer feel and adds complexity.  Just like me 😉  By adding some accessories, you can add color if you choose.  However, with this look I wanted to keep the color minimal because the layers add more than enough life into the outfit.  I hope you enjoy!

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1) COAT – ZARA (similar) 2) VEST – PIPERLIME (similar) 3) SWEATER – ZARA 4) PURSE – KATE SPADE (similar) 5) JEWELRY – STELLA & DOT 6) LEGGINGS – J.CREW 7) SHOES – ZARA (similar) 8) SCARF – GAP (similar) 9) SUNGLASSES – MICHAEL KORS (similar)

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