happy national taco day

Happy National Taco Day everyone!!

How do I know its National Taco Day you might ask?  Well, people from the brand Old El Paso were handing out free taco shells yesterday on Nicollet Mall and taco pins.  I of course couldn’t pass up free taco shells (even though I shouldn’t be eating them in the first place). So, now you know!

To celebrate National Taco Day I made sure to order a swordfish taco and skirt steak taco last night for dinner.  Both were great from a restaurant chain called Yard House.  (If you ever get the chance to try it out make sure to prepare yourself for their massive beer list).  And today I wanted to share with you a great recipe that is super easy and could be fun for tacos, lettuce wraps, a salad, you name it!  So here you go and enjoy!!


Crockpot Buffalo Pulled Chicken

1 package of lean chicken breasts

1/2 an onion (cut up)

3 celery stalks (each cut in half)

1 TBSP of garlic

1 can of chicken broth

1/4 a cup of Franks buffalo sauce


Add all ingredients into your crockpot and cook on high.  If you leave the chicken breasts full and uncut the cooking time is close to 4 hours, but because I usually cut my breasts into smaller pieces the cooking time is close to 2 hours.  When your chicken is 90% cooked, drain 75% of the broth and sauce and pull apart the chicken with a fork to create pulled chicken (similar to pulled pork).  After you have completed this, add the chicken back into the crockpot to finish cooking.  Once completed, throw out the cooked celery and cut up some fresh celery, tomatoes and onion.  If you like cabbage, you could add a little cabbage slaw to the mix! Then add the ingredients to any main course (taco, lettuce wraps, salad, etc.)



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