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I’m lucky enough to only live a few hours away from my parents, and with that comes the occasional trip.  This weekend was one of those times with my parents coming to visit my sister and I.

Because my sister and I live within 20 minutes of one another, I’m lucky enough to not have to host my parents and can just stop by when I please :).  If I already have plans to do something, I just let them know that I will see them the next day or later that night.  It’s a great setup for me!  I get a little family time, but am not tied down for the full weekend thanks to my big sis and brother-in-law.

If my parents had to have it there way though, I think they would prefer to just come stay with me.  I always take them to nice restaurants (dad pays of course) and try to show them a good time, while my sister and brother-in-law have them help work on the house since they flip every home they decide to buy.  They at least foreworn them though, so they at least know what they are signing up for when they decide to come and are always more than willing to help.  Got to love parent’s love for their children!



AFTER   (Still a work in progress, but it’s getting there)


Anyways…after they worked all day on the house, they decided to come into the city and grab a bight to eat with little old me.  I of course want to impress them with the menu but not break the bank, so I decided to take them to Barbette Saturday night.  They were not disappointed!  We all had a glass of wine, shared some mussels to start with, and then each had a fish entree.  So delicious!


Thanks to the special occasion and a box being delivered (yes another one), I was able to wear my new hat!  I’ve been waiting a long time to find the perfect one and when I stumbled across this puppy I couldn’t say no.  It was true love!  With the right price tag and ability to fit all head sizes (my noggin is huge) I was out $50 before I knew what hit me.  I was not disappointed one bit.  I wore it all day yesterday and night.


Whelp…I need to get heading to bed.  I helped my sister paint today and am exhausted.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are as excited as I am for the Halloween festivities that lie ahead next weekend.  Catch you on the flip side!


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