24 Hours in Venice

24 Hours in Venice

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Now Paris might have been difficult to lump all of my favorite activities into 24 hours, but at least transportation is easy so that you don’t waste any time getting from place to place.  Venice on the other hand is a different story.  Not only is it surrounded by water, but the streets are a maze, which does not make navigating them easy.

With that being said there is plenty to see and do in Venice within 24 hours, so lets make every second count.

Everyone always says you need to start your day with a good healthy breakfast. Well I have just the thing for you!  If you enjoy smoothies or delicious parfaits you have to try out my FAVORITE smoothie establishment that I have ever been to.  Frulala is magnificent and was fairly priced. (Coming from Paris it was a breath of fresh hair to be able to get something for under $10). After tasting it my first day, I made Natalie walk around with me our 2nd day for over an hour trying to find it again.  I just had to have it!

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Once you are nicely hydrated for the day with all of the fresh fruit in your belly, head over to San Marco Square to see lots of the historic buildings of Venice and “pigeon square.”  You can take a couple of tours or just take in the sun and sit next to the water at one of the many restaurants for some lunch.

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From there I would hop on the water public transportation (not water taxi) and head over to Murano and Burano.

Murano will most likely be your first stop as it is the closer of the two islands.  Here you will find beautiful Murano glass where European glass blowing actually originated.  There are many shops on the small island and you will be able to stumble upon a couple glass blowing demonstrations here and there.  One pointer though…if you fall in love with Murano glass and want to make a purchase at some point I would highly recommend that you do it while in Venice.  It is much cheaper and can be shipped to your home address so that you don’t have to worry about carrying it throughout the remainder of your travels.

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The 2nd island, Burano, was absolutely breathtaking and by far my favorite.  At every turn you are welcomed by the colors of the rainbow, fresh potted flowers, and still canals.  The simplicity and beauty helped brighten my little adventure on the island even though it was raining.  It was by far the easiest place I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. #nofilterneeded

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Not only was it gorgeous on the outside, but it also had little gems much like Murano.  Seeing that it also had a specialty that originated on the island we headed on a scavenger hunt to find a lace demonstration and were lucky enough to stumble upon one.  Such beauty that is passed down from generation to generation and is only made on Burano Island!


After you’ve soaked in enough color for one day between the gorgeous glass figurines and chandeliers to the beautiful streets of Burano, head back to Venice and grab a good Italian dinner on the water to catch the sunset.  I will forewarn you though that you should pack some bug spray.  Seeing that water is everywhere throughout the city, the mosquitos are vicious and you will surely get bitten if sitting in one spot too long.

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Lastly, although I didn’t personally take advantage of the gondolas, I would highly recommend grabbing some gelato (of course) and hopping on a gondola to end the evening.  This is a great way to see most of Venice via the canals while relaxing your feet from the exhausting day of walking you just had.  Be sure to get a “driver” that will sing to you though so you can get the full experience.  It will take it to the next level!

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