2014 envision fashion show


As promised, here is a recap of the 2014 Minneapolis Envision Fashion Show and how much of a blast it was!

In it’s 16th year it did not disappoint.  Not only did they have great local designers and boutiques, but they also had the music and drinks to make the night into an EVENT!  With the renovation of Orchestra Hall and placement of the runway, there was no bad seat in “the house”.  For just $30 general admission you were welcomed at the red carpet for a photo op, greeted with delicious food from local restaurant coup d’etat, and enjoyed a night of fun fashion and music.  The runway featured some of the best production I’ve seen since living in Minneapolis, with atmospheric lighting, an engaging  DJ, and personalized videos for each designer which gave the artists a chance to share their collection stories with the audience.

My favorite looks of the night were urban chic with a bohemian vibe, which I feel like has been trending for a couple of seasons now.  There were also quite a lot of knitwear and cowl neck pieces across many of the designers.

My favorite designer though BY FAR was Idle Child.  I felt as if she was speaking to me directly.  Her collection had a tomboy attitude and feel, but wasn’t particularly androgynous. She is really into hats this season.  (I still need to get a new one, but that budget is putting a damper on my spending).  Most importantly, she doesn’t dress as if she cares what you may think, but in this “I don’t give a bleep” attitude you find her incredibly alluring.  All and all, she hit the nail on the head for me.

Here are a few pictures from the show.  I hope you enjoy them and hopefully find a new designer that you love!


Look by: Emily Trevor



Look by: Tessa Louise



Look by: Idle Child

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Look by: Cocoon by Elizabeth Geisler

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Look by: Mary Pranica 




Look by: Lindsey Hopkins


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