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While overseas, it always amazes me how much we rely on routines and the Internet.  Take for instance take your first day of work for example.  You of course have to commute back and forth, so to plan your transportation you look up what type of parking garages there are in close proximity, bus routes, costs, etc.  Well now try to imagine figuring that out in a foreign country with no Internet in a language you don’t speak!

Thankfully for most of the trip I was able to access the internet because I planned ahead, but there were many times where I wasn’t 100% sure what the directions were telling me, the website was not offered in English (or I couldn’t find the offering), etc. This is why it is so important that we all are willing to help one another!

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Italy by far was the nicest place Natalie and I visited on our little adventure.  When trying to locate our Bed & Breakfast outside of Venice we were told what bus to get on, that it would take 20 minutes more or less, and to look for a supermarket to know when our stop was.  Not only did this make me anxious because there wasn’t a designated bus stop NAME, but it was also close to 11 pm at night in a town we had never been to.

Anyways…the first act of kindness we encountered in Italy was when this lovely Italian couple could tell we were a bit lost after getting off the bus and trying to locate the B&B.  (It took closer to 40 minutes on the bus before we saw the supermarket…talk about nervous).  They were nice enough to ask where we were going because I had my phone out and was trying to direct us based on Google maps in the dark, and then THEY WALKED US TO THE DOOR!  Such a nice couple, that didn’t speak English, but was so kind and willing to help.

This was just one of many nice individuals we met along the way and reminded me why I try to do a good deed a day/week.  Such small deeds of kindness can go a long way.  You don’t have to necessarily go out of your way to help someone each and every day, but by being cognizant that you want to pay it forward when possible, you will be reminded of how easy it is and what a big difference it can make on someone else’s life.


Here are a few examples of how I tried to help where I could while overseas.

– Gave up my seat to an elder

– Held a strangers apartment door open for a mother with 2 children that had her hands full

– Offered to take multiple pictures for strangers that were also traveling

– When someone looked loss, I tried to offer him or her assistance by simply asking where he or she were going and either point them in the right direction or I looked it up using Google maps

– Offered food to the poor

– Gave up extra bus passes to a family traveling when we had extras before leaving a country

– Shared our table at dinner so that another hungry couple didn’t have to continue waiting (also a great way to get to know people)

I hope this gives you some ideas of how you can help in even the smallest ways.  It always makes you feel good and impacts another person in a positive way; so it’s a win, win!


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