wardrobe packing tips – part 1



Knowing that you are about to travel across foreign countries with nothing but a backpack on your back can cause a girl sheer panic.  I should probably be worrying more about public transportation, safety and security concerns, etc., but the biggest thing that was weighing on my mind was figuring out how I was going to equip myself for weeks of adventure with just a handful of items at my disposal.  

With limited real estate to work with, you need to make your wardrobe items go far and earn their spot in your bag. Clothing that can be worn for any occasion, multiple ways, are lightweight and require little care or maintenance should always be your first choice. Darker colors tend to travel better, but if you decide to throw a few colors in your bag, try to lean towards patterns to help disguise wrinkles.

Here is an initial list to get you started that I have found to be helpful.  More tips and tricks around pants, shoes, and toiletries will be coming soon!!

One pieces: Dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are a girl’s best friend and are an easy go to when you have a full day ahead of you.  Tip 1 – Be sure to only bring rompers and jumpsuits that are easy to get off and on.  No one wants to have an issue in a public restroom or boutique!  Tip 2 – Be sure to only include dresses that lie at least the ankle or above.  You don’t want to have to worry about tripping on your maxi when traveling across cobblestone streets or climbing up stairs.

Accessories: Accessories can take an every day outfit and turn it into some completely new and refreshed.  Tip 1 – Be sure to stash at least one scarf in your bag. They can add a splash of color or help disguise an unwashed, already worn outfit.  Tip 2 – A great necklace is an easy way to dress up your outfit. Opt for lighter weight, longer necklaces though, because less is more when accessorizing outside of the U.S. and clunky jewelry will just add additional weight to your carry.  Tip 3 – A neutral, cross-body purse is a must.  It helps to reduce your chance of being pick-pocketed and is easy to keep your essentials with you at all times.

Tops: Tip 1 – Neutral tees and tanks are a must. They can be paired with any bottom and are easy to layer with jackets, jewelry, or scarves to create multiple looks.  Tip 2 – Be sure to throw in a chambray and light sweater for an extra layer. They can take the place of a light jacket and look great worn on it’s own.  Tip 3 – To help prepare for any sleeveless attire, pack a light cardigan or blazer for activities such as museums and church tours. 



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