in those jeans – part 2

Now is the time to dress the bottom half.  This is usually a little bit easier than deciding what types of tops and dresses to bring because it is more easily changeable.  However, not knowing what types of environments and situations you are going to be in over the next 3 weeks makes it more difficult than you would probably imagine.

Here are my initial thoughts though…


Pants: A lot of bloggers and websites will tell you to lose the jeans, but I’m all about packing for the everyday and being prepared for things such as hiking.  Tip 1 – So my suggestion is to pack a couple capri style jeans (white and blue) and then add a couple of classics (black, green, and blue) so that you can easily switch up your outfits throughout the weeks without having to worrying about washing your bottom half.  Tip 2 – If you want to stray away from jeans lean towards grabbing a couple pairs of everyday shorts or throw on one of your one pieces.

Shorts: If you are going to include shorts into your already crunched backpack Tip 1 – Include a pair or two that are of moderate length.  You do not need to be flashy and stand out in Europe.  The less attention the better.  I know this goes against the American way, but you will be fine for a couple of weeks without the spot light and you will be able to steer clear of getting anything stolen.  🙂

Bathing suit: It being summer time and all you will most likely have the opportunity to take advantage of the beach, or at minimal the sun.  Tip 1 – I know it might be hard, but try to limit yourself to only one bathing suit. This will help save room for more important merchandise.

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