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If I’m being completely honest, my very first Tinder date I went on was more of a result of him being a vet than me being physically attracted to him.  I feel like when women are searching for “the man of their dreams” they are really looking for 3 things 1) good looks 2) great personality 3) a decent job.


Well, this first gent didn’t have the best or worse looks, but seemed to have a good job, so I thought I would give it a shot, which is saying a lot because I usually never give anyone a chance that I’m not attracted to.  I’m a work in progress.

Side note, I of course researched how much an average vet makes and it was kind of shocking the median salary.  For all of the student loans I assume they have, they really don’t make as much as I had expected.

Anyways, back to business…  He was very smart, kind, we had some things in common such as the fact that he was originally from Toronto and my father was born in Toronto, etc.  Overall, I had a decent of enough time so I decided to give him another shot.


In between dates, I was really turned off on the text messages I would receive from him, saying things like “hello beautiful” or “how was your day gorgeous” are just a bit too much for me.  I prefer to have a bit of a chase and not necessarily be treated like God’s gift to Earth right off the bat.  He also would say things in groups of two or threes like “hey hey” or “hi hi hi.”  Not sure what that was about, but I was not a fan.

To say the least, after the 2nd date I let the poor guy down nicely by saying that I had had a very good time, but I didn’t feel like this would go further than just friends.

Well…a few weeks went by and he must have decided to have selective hearing because he asked me out ON ANOTHER DATE!  So, to make things worse I had to explain to him AGAIN that I was just not interested.  This happened 3 TIMES!! Some men just can’t take the hint.


It’s been a glorious 6 weeks since hearing from him last, so I think he’s got the hint, but we shall see.

Here’s to the guys that never give up!  Try, try, try again is not always the best piece of advise.

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