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Okay, time for another one.  This one really threw me for a loop, so brace yourself.

As some of you may know, I made myself a two date minimum rule.  My friends forced me to put this rule in place because I have the tendency to find the smallest thing wrong with a guy, that I’m not willing to deal with or don’t like, and will write them off without giving them the benefit of the doubt or a second chance.

Well, all I have to say is thank god I didn’t make it a three date rule in this case because I don’t think I would have stuck with my promise.


I had been talking to who I’m calling “momma’s boy” for a couple of weeks before meeting up with him for drinks.  Overall, he had seemed like a catch…ran track in college, had a good job, gorgeous eyes, enjoyed sports, etc.  With that being said, I was excited to meet up with him when he returned from the March Madness Final Four.

During our first date, we had great conversation and he was a perfect gentleman, offering to pick up the bill for our drinks at the end of the night.

Based on how easy the general conversation was, I had agreed to look past his nervousness and his numerous mentions of his family (mostly mother), and said that I would meet him for a second date of his choosing.

Buckle up…or in my case put on your walking shoes because it’s about to get bad.


For our second date, I told “momma’s boy” that I was planning on walking to meet him for dinner.  Did he offer to pick me up?Nope!  Strike 1

Next, I told him to let me know when he was about 5 minutes away from the restaurant so that I could start walking.  He called me when he got to the restaurant and asked me where I was.  Strike 2

I clearly wasn’t there yet, so I told him I would start walking.  Three minutes into my walk, he called me again and said that it was too long of a wait and we should go somewhere else. Not only did he not make a reservation, he wanted me to decide where we should go instead.  Strike 3

I directed him to the heart of Uptown and let him decide where we should go from there.  As we drove in his broken down car and I realized he was wearing a wrinkly Kentucky t-shirt, I realized why he probably didn’t want to pick me up.  Strike 3.5

Anyways, his second option/pick was a Sports Bar.  Now… I’m not high maintenance, but if you are wanting to take a girl to a sports bar as a second date, what would a date look like after a year…McDonalds?  Strike 4


After sitting down at the Sports Bar, he started complaining about the choice of food, about the drunk college students sitting behind us, and about how much he hates Wisconsin and bought a Kentucky shirt just in spite of Wisconsin fans.  Bitching and complaining that much at dinner when your date literally tells you that you are complaining a ton and you don’t get the hint…  Strike 5


To top it all off, once he decided to stop bitching about everything going on around the Sports Bar he picked, he started talking about his mom.  How he misses her doing his laundry, how she loves to drink and is the best to party with, how he wants her to live closer to him, how he wishes she would come decorate his apartment, etc. etc. etc.  Strike 6

All in all, I asked if he could drive me home, and when it was time to say goodbye, I thanked him and exited the car.

He only texted me once after that date and it was to tell me he was “stoked” that Wisconsin loss and Kentucky won.  Lets just say I made it blatantly obvious that I was not interested in going on a third date with “momma’s boy”.

Even though I didn’t go to school here…GO WISCONSIN!!


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