mill city farmers market

Taking a break from Tinder, I thought I would try the old fashion route and search for a man at the farmers market.  This is something I would love to do with whomever I decide to settle down with, so what better place to find a strapping young man.


Now…Minneapolis has quite a few farmers markets to choose from, but this one is by far my favorite.  Mill City Farmers Market is in the perfect location with the Mississippi River as a backdrop, the flourmill to the west, adding some historic character, the Guthrie Center to the east, and the Minneapolis skyline to the south.  There is no better place to enjoy a morning stroll in the warm sunshine.



On top of that, this farmers market is more of a foodie market where you can come to get a nice breakfast and flowers vs. a ton of gardening stuff or fruits and veggies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love buying fresh vegetables and fruit and they do offer a small variety here, but you are more than likely coming to nibble on some tasty treats vs. coming to buy plants for your garden.  🙂


With that being said, one word of wisdom when going to a farmers market to look for men, don’t pig out like I did.  Even though I’m trying to lose weight for the summer and get back in shape, I decided to give myself a little break and eat whatever my heart desired.  Today it wanted pulled pork nachos with pickled toppings, guac and southwestern sour cream sauce, and onions.  I also shared a side of some fried donuts with my friend!!  Everything was delicious, but I would stay away from the tempura fried soft-shelled crab.  It was WAY too salty, and that’s coming from a girl that loves her sodium!


After we got done eating, we made sure to take one final stroll around the market to see if there were any potential candidates, but I didn’t have any luck.  Hopefully at tonight’s beer fest there will be more eligible bachelors that stand out.  Wish me luck!

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