heart breaker


Good looking, goal oriented, athletic, dog owner, and a chase.  The next Tinder gentleman was just what I was looking for…I thought.

After talking for a couple of weeks off and on over text, we decided to meet up for a walk around the lake with his puppy.  A really great idea, may I add, for a first blind date because it doesn’t force you to sit across from a stranger for a long period of time and allows you to work off any anxious energy.


Anyways, overall the date went really well.  We found out we had a couple of friends in common, were really passionate about staying active, and are both very driven.  To say the least I was interested in seeing him again.

About a little less than a week later, we decided to hang out again.  This time he invited me over to his place.

Now usually I would not suggest this as a safe option, but I felt such a strong connection, and trusted him based on the friends we had in common, that I decided to throw any common sense out the window and just did it.

We had a great time, shared great conversation and felt a strong chemistry, or so I thought.

After finishing the night with a few kisses here and there and a little PG touching, I went home like a good girl and was excited for the next time I would get to see him.  Can someone say butterflies?


Chatting with him off and on the next day, you can only imagine how much of a shock it was when I never heard from him again. I had texted him two days later to see if he would want to come over for dinner.  No response.  I thought food was the way to a guys heart?

Two days later, we needed a male substitute for my soccer team, so I reached out to see if he was interested.  No response.


Knowing that we had friends in common, my next move was more on the stocker side.  I poked around his Facebook account to make sure he was at least alive.

Once I determined he was fine and was just pulling a total dude move by giving me the silent treatment to save himself from having to turn me down, I did again what any girl would do and sent a bitchy text, letting him know that he was missing out, he needs to man up, and good luck with everything in the future.

The worst part of all of it was that I actually felt sad for a few days after.  Who knew.  These types of feelings rarely service for me, probably because I tend to not allow anyone in.  On top of that, I’m not used to being turned down by someone that I was actually interested in pursuing seriously.

Needless to say, to move on I decided to go crazy on Tinder and started to talk to more people than I could keep track of.  Thankfully, this means that more stories are coming for you to enjoy!

Heres to the heart breakers…pour yourselves another glass of wine ladies.


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