sincerely jules

This next blogger has a way of looking so cute and pulled together, but makes it feel effortless. She does casual wear like it’s her job!


Sincerely Jules is one to follow if you like the “everyday look,” but want to use a couple of pieces in your already existing wardrobe without having to purchase anything new.

Okay…well maybe just a couple new pieces wouldn’t hurt, right? 😉


She does a great job of mixing and matching colors, shapes, and textures that keep her outfits looking fresh and easy.


Take a look and you can be the judge!


P.S. Don’t miss out on her fun accessories like rings, necklaces, and shoes.  She has a great flare with spicing up her outfits using even the smallest touches, down to the nail polish!

madewell7.jpg_effectedtux8.jpg_effected tux9.jpg_effected tux2.jpg_effected faux1.jpg_effected new3 nike4

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