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Love at first sight, Atlantic Pacific was the first fashion blog I started following.  I partially blame it for the never ending madness of my financial pocket book.  It goes without saying, Blair helped to unlock the beast that has formed into an online shopping addiction, while also helping to cultivate some of Brunette Anthems blog material.


The downside to finding this goldmine of a blog, before at least I had to drive to the store and put forth the effort of digging around the racks!  Now all I have to do is surf Instagram and my favorite bloggers websites and before I know it I have 7 packages at my door.


Anyways…”back in the day” (yes I’ve been following her for quiet some time) she would create masterpieces with a mix of low and high end retail/designer pairings, making it easy for the everyday follower to mirror some of her looks by purchasing the low end item and pairing it with a “look a like”  of the high end product.

Using retailers such as Forever 21 and H&M allowed her viewers to create similar looks without breaking the bank.  That is if you don’t try to recreate EVERY outfit she posts by BUYING OUT the low end retailers.  Whoops!


Now Atlantic Pacific is on to bigger and better.  Looks these days include Stella McCartney, Chanel, DVF, etc.  You will still find a few mid-priced merchandise such as Stella and Dot, but not often, so if you are an impulse purchaser on a budget I suggest you turn away now.

MAXI 232-2

She is now more of an inspirational blogger for my wondering eyes that hope and dream to one day have a couple of her outfits hanging in my closet.

One day…  A girl can dream right?  Enjoy, and remember…you can look but you can’t touch (if you’re strong enough to say no)!




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