I’ve done it.  I’ve signed my death sentence.

Even though I stopped playing soccer 3 years ago because of a back injury, I decided that I thought it was a good idea to agree to join a co-ed soccer league.


Why do I make so many impulse decisions without thinking things through?  My girlfriend didn’t even have to sell me on the idea!  “Jen, you want to play on my soccer team?  Sure.  When do the games start?”  No questions asked!  Not…how expensive is it, or how many people are on the team.  Nope, I’m just like where do I sign.

Well…even though I didn’t think this decision all the way through I’m pretty happy I decided to play again.  Its great to get in shape during the winter by doing something other than going to the gym.  The only frustrating thing is how much slower you are after not playing the game for so many years.  I’m no Brandi Chastain, but it’s crazy how much your body changes in just a few short years and how it can’t keep up with your mind’s expectations.  My feet just can’t keep up.


Hopefully I can find my prince charming while running around with my 30-50 year old teammates.  Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham would do just fine.  🙂  Wish me luck!


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