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Who wants another tasty recipe that’s dummy proof?  Well I’ve got just the one!

As I continue my personal challenge to eat healthier, while still keeping my busy lifestyle, I’m trying to find more and more easy, balanced meals that take little to no time to prep and cook.  This meal is so easy it practically cooks itself.

Next time you are at the grocery store, grab some organic green beans, goat cheese, lemon and some fresh tilapia (or any type of white fish).  When you’re home and your  belly starts telling you it’s time to eat, all you need to do is wash your green beans and throw them in a skillet with a little lemon, and then place your fish in a glass pan, season, and cook at 350 for 20 minutes.  (Don’t forget to spray a little oil in the pan before placing your fish in.  You wouldn’t want the bottom of your fish to stick or get burnt).

After 20 minutes and the timer goes off, it’s time to eat!!  Top your green beans with some goat cheese and a little salt and you’re done.

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If you’re looking for a little extra flavor, add just a bit of butter to your green beans and then top it with both goat cheese and some turkey bacon bits.  This of course makes it a bit less healthy, but overall helps to satisfy any cravings.

You can also spice up your fish depending on what your mood is with some cajun, lemon, bread crumbs, salsa, seasoning salt, etc.  Here’s what I used but feel free to make it your own depending on what your tastebuds are telling you.

3 cups organic green beans

3 tilapia filets (3-4 oz)

2 TBS lemon juice (added to both fish and green beans)

splash of seasoning salt

1 TBS goat cheese

1 TBS turkey bacon bits

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