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Now…I know you guys might be tired of hearing me talk about my Advocare 24 Day Challenge, but I’m telling you, you will want to hear this!

After getting myself mentally ready for this challenge and seeing great results in the first week, I was pretty skeptical that my body would continue to see such dramatic improvement.  I was so wrong.

After completing the 24DC and sticking to the strict food restrictions I made for myself, I am happy to say I lost a little over 8 lbs.

AdvoCare 24DC

Unlike Becky, I didn’t do a great job of taking my measurements to compare and contrast where I started and am today, but I am so happy!  My pants are fitting just right, I feel energized, and my stomach is no longer sticking out farther than “the girls” 😉  (A beer belly is a girls worse nightmare)!

If you need a little push in the right direction to kickstart your year, I highly recommend Advocare!  You will see and feel results in the first few days that will help you stay on track and keep you motivated for the full 24 days.  Heck…I’m still sticking to my food restrictions because I don’t want to stop the momentum.  Give it a try!  I promise you won’t regret it.


  1. Wohoo great results! Way to stick with it. I am doing the 14 day mini challenge with Becky. I”m on day 4 and the only struggle for me has been missing coffee… 🙂 It has been an internal battle to not run to my espresso machine first thing in the morning..

  2. Thats awesome! I am thinking about doing this the month before my wedding!

  3. Jen, I’m so proud of you! You rocked your challenge and 8 lbs – as we all know – is such a great loss in only 24 days 🙂

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