Have you ever noticed the impact the people you surround yourself with have on your life?


I recently had to take a health assessment survey for my health benefits, and a few of the questions revolved around whether my family and friends lead a healthy lifestyle.  Now I know that questions like these are based on personal view points and perceptions, but it got me thinking.  The more I surround myself with goal oriented, motivated people, the more I feel inspired to be the same.

Over the weekend I thought a lot about this, as I feel like I let my own health goals slip away from me over the past few months before starting the Advocare challenge.  Even with starting this challenge, if I don’t keep friends or coworkers around me with similar goals it is easy to lose track of what I am trying to accomplish and fall back into old habits of whats easy.

I’m looking forward to continuing to keep these thoughts top of mind while I try to improve my health and hope that you can to.

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