24 Day Challenge Update

24 Day Challenge Update


Time for an Advocare update.  I hope you’re ready for this.

I’m only four days into my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and let me tell you, I AM SOOO EXCITED for the results.  Down 3 and a half pounds, feeling energized, and drinking more water than I’m eating, I feel amazing!

AdvoCare 24DC

Usually I’m eating so much that I don’t allow much room for a sip or two of water, but with the strategic placement of all Spark drinks before breakfast and lunch it helps to suppress my appetite and keeps me hydrated.  The one downside is the number of times I have increased my bathroom usage.  It’s not easy getting these toxins out of your body, so if you decide to give Advocare a try be sure to up your next toilet paper purchase and keep a bathroom nearby.

Will I be America’s Next Top Model, not quite, but I am happy to have finally found something to help me live a healthier lifestyle with my hypothyroidism.

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