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Trying to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle?  Do you have a New Years Resolution around fitness and getting to the gym but you quickly run out of workout routines or can’t seem to remember them when you finally get to the gym.

Here is a simple trick that I am going to start using to help me challenge myself to build muscle in parts of my body that I usually wouldn’t work out, but also will help me work on my vulnerabilty.

When you get to the gym, go ahead and warm up as per usual, doing whatever it is you like to do to get in the mindset you need for a strong workout.  Then, after you are good to go, look around the weight room area and find someone that impresses you, doing some form of lifting that you don’t recognize or do not regularly do.  Once you have found that person, male or female, ask if you can shadow their workout, of course adjusting weight as necessary.

It is my personal goal to do this at least once a week.  It will allow me to increase my knowledge around weight lifting, strengthen my lifting capabilities, and will challenge me to be vulnerable in a way I have never allowed myself to be.


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