flannel and fur

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Flannel BANANA REPUBLIC (old, similar HERE) / Fur NORDSTROM / Leggings URBAN OUTFITTERS (old, similar HERE) / Boots TARGET (old, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) / Watch MICHAEL KORS / Jewelry STELLA AND DOT / Sunglasses ARMANI EXCHANGE / Bag KATE SPADE

I know its been a long time, but I was finally able to get some more pictures taken.  A big thank you to my sister for braving the cold with me.  Temperatures had been below zero for quite some time, so when it got up close to 30 degrees she was nice enough to offer to help.  Wrigley was happy to be outside too, so you will see him in quite a few pictures 🙂

The first outfit I wanted to share with you was the most “Minnesota” outfit I took this weekend…flannel and fur.  The hardness of the flannel plus the softness of the fur equals for a playful combination.  The vest was warm enough that I didn’t even need a coat after the more than 40 degree swing.  Got to love Minnesota weather.  I hope you enjoy!

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