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anthro collaranthro fur cowlAnthro Ermine CollarAnthro infinityAnthro misen cowlAnthro Media MixAnthro Zephra

Perrault Collar ANTHROPOLOGIE / Pelage Faux Fur Cowl ANTHROPOLOGIE / Ermine Collar ANTHROPOLOGIE / Blushing Floral Infinity ANTHROPOLOGIE / Misen Cowl ANTHROPOLOGIE / Media Mix Scarf ANTHROPOLOGIE / Zephra Infinity Scarf ANTHROPOLOGIE

As I’m sure most of you know, I love a good scarf and/or collar.  It adds a little extra oomph to an outfit, and since it’s beginning to get to below freezing temperatures around the U.S. it gives you another reason to go out and buy fun accessories to help keep you warm throughout the winter months.

While finishing up my Christmas shopping online, I came across a few of my favorites from Anthropologie and thought I would share them with you.  I love to bring in different colors and textures to be able to mix and match with my outfits and outerwear.  Length is also key, with infinity scarves usually standing out to me the most frequently.

Whatever your purpose of wearing a scarf, whether it be for fashion or warmth, I hope you enjoy the scarves and collars I have selected.  Stay warm!

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