oh what fun

My apologies for being M.I.A. over the last couple of weeks.  My mom would say “I told you so” because I didn’t get the flu shot this year, against her suggestion, and came down with none other than …drum roll please…THE FLU.

This wasn’t just any old flu though.  I was sick for over a week and lost 7 pounds!  I guess I should look on the bright side though, thats one benefit to being sick with the flu for that long.  Too bad you can’t even tell 😉  Good thing NYE is just around the corner.  It’s about time for a New Years resolution.

Anyways…and then came Christmas.  I was so busy shopping for myself over the last few months(oops), I didn’t get all of my gifts for my family until close to Christmas day.  I drove to 3 different Targets Christmas Eve to get my dads gift.  Not good planning on my part.  Oh well.

Well now that you know all of my excuses for being absent the last few days/weeks, I wanted to share with you some great holiday decorations that I saw while attending a family fondue party.  My brother in law’s mother does a great job of taking every day items an accessorizing them with Christmas fun all over her house.  Everyone room you enter you can feel the Christmas spirit.  Check out some of her fun tricks and tuck them in the back of your brain for next year.  Enjoy!




  1. I don’t get the flu shot either, don’t worry! And, I picked up my brother’s gift the day before christmas day, so we are totally in the same boat!

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