What do you do to relieve stress?  Workout, eat chocolate, watch chick flicks….

With our ability as women to juggle schedules and to do list, we often take on more than we should, and although we are amazing multi-taskers we take on stress along the way.  The buildup of this stress tends to gather and house itself in our shoulders and if not taken care of can lead to injury, sickness, hair loss, etc..

I personally suffer from back and neck pain when in high times of stress.  To make sure that I help subside any buildup I do the following

– Stretch before bed every night

– Keep a healthy workout and meal plan regiment

– I remind myself there is always tomorrow

I know its not Tuesday, but treat yourself anyways.  Go get a massage, have a girls night, open a bottle of wine.  We take on so much every day that it is good to remember that you need a little “you” time.  Enjoy!

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