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Hi Everyone!  Sorry it’s been so long.  I have been busy with wedding activities all week and weekend for very good friends of mine.  I will make sure to write up a recap of the wedding to share all of the beauty and fun that we had.  For now though, I wanted to give you a preview of some delicious, healthy recipes that are going to be coming your way.

A good friend of mine, Becky, is a healthy living blogger that is going to be doing a few guest posts on my blog.  She will be sharing some healthy meal options, keeping my hypothyroid condition at the forefront when thinking through ingredients and taste.

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Although I am supposed to steer clear from as many grains as possible due to my condition, I decided to cheat today and put to rest my craving for dessert.  Here is a great banana bread recipe that Becky used to cook for me before she moved away to Chicago.

Using her recipe as a base, I also added in oats, peanut butter, and apple sauce to give it a little more substance so I would be satisfied after one and wouldn’t overeat.  I also used a cupcake pan to help portion out serving sizes.  Now…I just need to get them out of my apartment so I don’t eat one for every meal 😉

She has a ton of great recipes that help to satisfy a sweet tooth so be sure to check out her blog Olives ‘n’ Wine and check back throughout this week and next for some healthy meal options!


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