Healthy Living Summit

Healthy Living Summit

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For anyone that is thinking about becoming a blogger and is health conscious, or is already a blogger, I highly recommend the Healthy Living Summit.  This year I was lucky enough to be informed about the summit from my blog mentor @oliveanwine.  Seeing that I am still relatively new to blogging and have a lot to learn I immediately signed up and couldn’t be happier that I did.  Here is a look into what my weekend consisted of.

Friday: I started out the day taking a tour through Wild Harvest Organic.  We got to see their food sensory testing, recipe building process, and speak to their lead executives about their brand and mission.  During each of these we were able to sample their raspberry vanilla granola, a turkey burger slider with dill sauce, and my personal favorite, chips and salsa.  Their spicy chipotle salsa was delicious.

Following the tour I was able to meet up with Becky (@olivesanwine) for a quick lunch, grab our swag bags, and do an Insanity workout after our Got Chocolate Milk presentation.  Let’s just say, even though I wasn’t planning on showering twice in one day, Insanity left me no choice.  If you haven’t tried the videos I highly recommend the workouts.  They will kick your butt.

My favorite part of Friday though was Friday night.  I was able to get to know more of the girls from the summit on a more personal level at Kindee Thai for dinner, followed by a cocktail party at The Guthrie.  Sipping on some drinks and taking fun group pictures in the photo booth helped everyone to loosen up and get to know one another a bit better.

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Saturday: My second day at the summit started with a loaded breakfast.  We had a variety of healthy choices such as fruit parfait bar and healthy smoothies made by Ninja, or you could go down more of the traditional route and get eggs, potatoes, bacon, and sausage.  After eating a solid breakfast the entire day was packed with educational presentations.  I learned the importance of staying true to my brand, maximizing my productivity, staying organized, collaborating to help grow my network and help others grow theirs, and the importance of partnerships between companies and bloggers.  Overall, the presenters did a fantastic job and I left feeling inspired.

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No blogger left Saturday empty handed.  On top of getting our swag bag Friday we were able to meet with different vendors throughout the day to learn more about their products and received a ton of great samples.  I would have to say I am most excited for my Blue Diamond almonds and crackers, the Wild Harvest organic shells and cheese macaroni, Ninja’s recovery chocolate bar, and all of the Driscoll’s berries (strawberries, blueberries, and black berries).  I can’t wait to make a variety of smoothies!

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Sunday: Today is a sad day because it is our farewell breakfast and the last day of the summit.  Not only am I going to have to say goodbye to Becky (@olivesanwine), but I am also going to have to say goodbye to my new friends Caroline (@trendytrainer) and Katie (@runs4cupcakes).  The weekend went by so fast but I had a blast and was lucky to make such strong connections with many of the girls.  Looking on the bright side, one of my new friends, Melanie (@nuttymelanie), isn’t leaving me because she lives here in Minneapolis!!

Overall, the #hls13 was a success and I am happy that I took the opportunity to learn how to better my blog as well as meet more people in the community of blogging.  Here’s to next year!!

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