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Over this Labor Day weekend I traveled down to Dallas, Texas.  They say “everything’s big in Texas,” but I did not find that to be the case when it came to transportation.

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Case #1) I have a tendency to pack somewhat heavy, even for a short weekend trip, and it just so happened that my carry on didn’t want to fit in the overhead bin.  Thankfully the flight wasn’t full so my suitcase got it’s very own seat in the back of the plane!  The flight attendant made sure to buckle it in and off we went.

Case #2) When we landed, we had an even bigger surprise (pun intended).  I had booked a mid-size sedan and what do we get…a Chevy Sonic.  This “car” is about half the size of my SUV and we felt like we were going to get run off the road by all of the trucks on the interstate.  Making light of it though we decided to nickname the “car” the Nugget.  (Fitting I thought).  It had a great turn radius but wouldn’t have a fighting chance if we would have gotten into a car accident.  Thankfully…everything went smoothly and the Nugget was returned safely.

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So… everyone knows it’s hot in Texas, but I was not ready for the heat that we endured.  Temperatures were in the hundreds and it was so hot that laying out was even difficult.  Half the time we were out by the pool I just stayed in the water.

The craziest thing that I saw by far was the people enjoying themselves in the hot tub during the middle of the day.  I’m over on the other side of the pool trying to decide how much longer I can withstand the heat, and they are just having a grand old time in 80/90 degree water in 104 degree heat.  Call me crazy but that just isn’t for me.  (Maybe I’ve been living in Minnesota for too long).  Thankfully, laying out paid off though and I have a nice tan to show for it 🙂


Even though it was very warm outside, we did make it to one of Dallas’s top tourist spots early in the morning Saturday.  The Dallas Arboretum and Botan is a beautiful botanical garden that has acres upon acres of different flowers, fountains, and activities.  If you are ever in Dallas I highly recommend you put this on your list of things to do.

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Last but not least…Dallas’s food and drinks.  I am happy to say that Dallas did not disappoint.  We were able to try out a couple of Dallas’s hot spots including Komali, Eddie V’s, Meddlesome Moth, and the W Hotel.  All had fantastic food and drinks.  The W Hotel was by far my favorite though because of the dance floor.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Dallas, TX?  Share your favorite go to spots and next time I make my way down there I will have to check them out!

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