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How do you budget?  I’m going to be honest by saying I personally fail in the budgeting department.  I have no self-control when it comes to shopping whether online or in store.

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To try to help my issue I set up a new banking account that allows me to automatically withdrawal a fixed amount every two weeks.  I am then free to spend that money as I see fit: shopping, social activities, etc.  For some reason or another though I can never seem to stay within my financial boundaries I have set for myself.

I constantly receive promotional emails that trigger my brain to think…this sale isn’t going to happen again anytime soon so I need to seize the day!!  It also doesn’t help when I’m following numerous fashion bloggers and I see one of their looks that I have to have so I just buy, buy, buy.  Half of the retailers I shop with have my credit card and address on file so all I have to do is confirm the purchase and the package is on its way to my already too full closet.  Maybe I just need to get a bigger closet ;).


Then the guilt starts to settle in.  I look through everything I’ve purchased over the last couple of weeks (usually enough to cover my bed…whoops) and decide that it would be responsible of me to  return a few items.  So I’ll go through all of my purchases, try everything on because I usually don’t try things on in store out of laziness, and then determine what I “can’t live without” vs. what I don’t like that much but thought was cute at the time.  After returning some of the merchandise, I give myself a pat on the back feeling pretty good about myself, and then feel like I have a little extra cash back in my pocket so the vicious cycle starts all over again.

I’m addicted.  Are you addicted?  How do you budget and stay financially savvy?


  1. Learn how to budget and then teach me! I also fail at it.

  2. I keep a pretty detailed budget in excel and I update it about every other day, I make notes and comments and it really helps me!

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