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moods openingmoodmoodie03-1335138 ANNE MARI TRIANGULAR JAQUARD OCEAN NOK2000moods of norway14-1335133 HARRIET GRENADINE NOK3500moods of01-1335146 ELLA SUN NOK2500

Moods of Norway has finally ventured to the one and only Mall of America.  Everyone invited to their Grand Opening event was welcomed with food, drinks, DJ music, and more.  I don’t always agree with the saying “blondes have more fun,” but when it comes to Moods of Norway events, everyone is blond and everyone has fun.

Any guys in your life?  Well Moods of Norway has great looks for them as well.  Actors such as Alex Vik, Jack Osbourne, Joey Fatone, and Randy Jackson all have chosen looks from Moods of Norway’s collection over the past year.

I don’t look good as a blond so I’ll save you the visual, but here are some photos from the event.  Enjoy!

Note: All event photos were taken by Stacy Bengs

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