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Tank OLD NAVY / Capris NIKE / Jacket MPG (sisters) / Shoes NIKE / Headband LULULEMON

So…usually I would categorize a post like this within the Lookbook category, but today I am adding it as an Inspiration post.  Read on and you will see why 🙂

In high school I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism which causes mood swings, calcium deficiency, brain fog, weight gain, and fatigue just to name a few.  I personally was struggling with severe headaches, as well as feeling depressed.  Thankfully because I was always active at a young age with sports, I didn’t deal with too much weight gain as a teen…until now.

If you know me personally or follow me on Instagram, you know my love for food.  However, I am now, more than ever, aware of what I am putting into my body because of how slow I metabolize food.  To help neutralize my love for eating I joined CrossFit for high intensity, fast paced calorie burning workouts.  When not doing CrossFit I enjoy running short distances and am sometimes joined with my sister and her dog Wrigley (love them both).

Between my increased knowledge of nutrition and ability to push myself physically, I have been able to maintain somewhat of a healthy lifestyle even though it is a continual struggle. You can only be as good as you allow yourself to be.  Inspire yourself to help inspire others.

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